35 App Ideas For Devs In 2019 - April Edition

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If you're reading this post, you may be suffering from a common phenomenon, coders block. This is a situation where you are unable to cook up code and or ideas for programs, apps inclusive. Or maybe you want to build the next million dollar app that will give you financial freedom for the rest of your life. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain; you need an idea, an app idea to be precise.

App ideas aren't that easy to find nowadays, because it seems that every app you can imagine has been made. And of recent times, people have come to a conclusion that the app market has become overly saturated.

Fear not my friend! There will always be inventions and programs that people didn't even know that they needed. I've searched the internet for some of the freshest app ideas as of April 2019. Here is our list:

  1. A Weather App That Suggests Attire
  2. A Self Improvement App That Doubles As A Social Media App
  3. Dating App With "Ugly" Filters
  4. Decision Making App Through Crowdsourcing
  5. Subscription Tracking App
  6. App That Shows Location Of Goods In The Store
  7. Uber For Laundry
  8. Augmented Reality Laser Tag
  9. Outfit Matching App
  10. A Recipe Generator App
  11. Astronomy Calendar With Push Notifications
  12. Food Delivery App That Chooses Restaurants Based on Input
  13. Meme Challenge App
  14. Movie Recommendation App Based On How You Feel
  15. Augmented Reality Graffiti
  16. Duolingo For Math and Science
  17. Service to Send Messages After Your Death
  18. An App That Lets You Rate Your Day And Looks For Patterns that Affect Your Mood
  19. Airbnb For House Parties
  20. App that Calculates How Long You Have to Work Before You Can Afford Something Based On Your Salary.
  21. App That Shows Heat Map of 3G/4G/5G Signal
  22. App That Teaches People Little/Small Skills
  23. Social Network For Note Sharing
  24. App For Tracking Already Built App Ideas
  25. Anxiety Reduction App That Connects You To Different People
  26. Personality Test That Gives Reports Based On Your Search History
  27. App That Tracks Release Dates of Phones, Movies, Gadgets etc
  28. App That Rates Restaurants And Bars Based On the Cleanliness Of Their Toilets
  29. Movie Streaming Service Search App That Can Tell You If a Movie is Still Available
  30. App to Let You Know What People In Your Area Are Listening To
  31. Augmented Reality Jigsaw Puzzle App
  32. Step Counter that Calculates How Much Money You've Saved On Fuel
  33. Stand Up Comedy App
  34. Talent Sharing App
  35. Dating App That Avoids Ghosting

I hope you enjoyed this list of app ideas for 2019. Feel free to leave an encouraging comment, or share this article on social Media.

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