App Development Success Story April 2019- Rishabh Dugar

I have gotten a lot of questions from fellow Android Developers about App Monetisation and my journey so far. My attempt is to cover most of the questions that I have got. I hope this is useful for my Android developer friends or those who aspire to become one.
How much I earn?
  • 10–15$ per day
Earning Source?
When did I launch my app?
  • 2.5 months back
Why did I start?
  • I am a 22 year old college student and I am always excited about getting the latest OS for my Android phone. And, this is not possible unless I root my phone. I tried the existing Root Checking apps on play store and each app seemed to be giving me different information. I wasn’t sure which results to trust. So, I made my own Root Checking app. It took me a couple of sleepless nights to build this. Later, I thought that this app might be useful for all those who love rooting their Android smartphones, so I published it on Play Store.
What did I do for app promotion?
  • I posted my app links to a few targeted groups on Facebook whose members were into rooting their phones or a group where I could find Android users.
How is the app doing?
  • The app has 28k downloads and it gets approx. 1.5k downloads/day.
A screenshot of my earnings -

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