Do You Like Art? This New Game is For You!

Screenshot Image
Screenshot of the Draw It game from
the Play Store.
Four weeks ago, game developing company Kwalee released a new game called Draw It on the Apple and Play Store, a fun and addictive new game where you "compete against others". Whether your a professional artist or you're just into art in general, you will definitely like this game.

One of the best things about this game is it's simple and addictive gameplay. The interface itself is simple enough for even kids to understand, but that's not the only thing that got our attention.

The game allows you to unlock world packs. These are basically different categories of real world objects ranging from animals, to even continents such as Africa.

One thing that is a bit hard though is drawing in the app. If you've been using a smartphone for long enough and you've tried to draw on it, the results can be, well, disappointing.

Draw It knows that though, and this is evident in their screenshots on both stores

That really is a weird pineapple...

The game is available on both Android and IOS Operating Systems. If you have a stylus, though, you may be a king at this game. And iPad users have an advantage over most Android users due to the iPad's compatibility with Apple Pencil.

You can download the game here for Android and over here for IOS.

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