How to Earn $100 This Week Publishing eBooks

If you are here, you are probably looking for some easy cash. If that is the case, then please click the back button on the top of your browser because this is definitely not what you are looking for. Although you can earn money really quick, the last thing it will be is easy. So now that we've gotten that out of the way, let me introduce the topic...

I assume you already know what an eBook is. If not, here is a quick definition:

"an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device."

eBook basically stands for electronic book. And at first glance, the concept of eBook publishing may seem daunting, but from my past experience, it's not that hard.

I first came across the concept of eBook publishing at the last quadrant of 2018. Once I had read a few articles about what it was about, I thought, "Not a bad Idea, i'mma try this out", and I did. I built a simple eBook which taught the basics of Photoshop and published it on a forum in my country. Within the first day, I sold four copies before I took it down for... reasons. It was honestly an eye opener for me and I decided to share what I had learnt from this venture.

            Jobs like Graphic designing, Web Design, Video Editing etc. have become a solid way of generating income globally, as the market demand for these services is extremely high. However, a large amount of skill, knowledge, training and of course, resources are required to start these businesses. That is one of the reasons I love eBook publishing, it's so damn simple!

Choosing A Niche

This is the most crucial step in eBook publishing. If you have a poor understanding of this concept, then you will fare badly my friend. Without a good, popular niche, there is no way for you to earn a penny out of all of the hard work you put into developing an eBook.

The website "" has a solid way of depicting niches. Just take a look at the screenshot below:

Here, we get a look of 38 solid niches ranging from "Romance", to the "Technology Market". These are examples of some very popular niches that you can write about.

Additionally, when writing about a niche, it is best you write about something you are very skilled at. You cannot be a farmer talking about programming, can you? If you specialize in pig farming, write a book about "How you can earn twice as much as you do now through Pig Farming". If you are an excellent graphics designer, write a book about "A beginners guide to Photoshop".

But if you are really focused on earning money, which I presume you are, then I suggest that you make a book about something that not only are you skilled at, but is also very popular. That is your one way ticket to success.

How to Make an eBook

Creating an ebook is extremely simple, and if you are really dedicated, you can make up to 4 eBooks per day. This amount could get you up to $200 worth of sales with the proper marketing. Whether you are using a laptop or a phone, creating your eBook will be simple.

Using A Computer

If you are using a computer, head over to this website: Now, create an account. After which, you should be welcomed by this screen:

In the search box, type A4 document and hit enter. Now you are free to use the various elements to create your eBook. If you are confused as to how to use canva, go to the following link:

Once you are done, hit publish, and then save. Then click download, and change file type to pdf (standard). Now your ebook is complete.

Using A Computer

Using a phone follows a similar process as using a computer. Download the canva app from your app/play store, or head over to The process is similar to the one above, but in case you have any difficulty, refer to this link.

Publishing Your eBook

Publishing your eBook is the trickiest part of making money from eBooks, but it's good to know that your options are limitless. You can use both online and offline advertising. If you are still confused, here is what I did.

I come from the African country of Nigeria. Here, people are always looking for a way to earn money for themselves. Therefore, I made an eBook which talked about this very topic. I then searched online for the most visited website in my country. I ended up finding this forum, nairaland. I then placed my ad for the eBook and let it fly. Within seven hours, I sold 4 copies, and the people payed me through an online transfer.

You can use social media, forum, video sharing sites etcetera to sell your eBook. Get creative!

Selling your eBook for a price too low will lead to a loss in value, and selling your eBook for a price too high will lead to loss of potential buyers.

Prices of eBooks can range from as low as $1.  Selling an eBook for @4 means that you need 20 buyers to earn $100. And selling it for $2 means that you need 50 buyers to get $100. Sometimes, selling for high prices may not be such a good idea, but that's all up to you.


Over the course of a week, with little effort, I was able to make about $30 from eBook publishing alone. If you put in more effort, I am sure you will be able to make even more than $100 in a week by selling eBooks. 

But one thing that I must mention is that you should please, try not to plagiarise. I have done this before, and the results were terrible. People will recognise the old eBook and it will lead you into a lot of trouble.

With that said, you are free to start selling your eBooks. Happy Selling!

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