iMac 2019 - A Quiet Upgrade

The new iMac arrived on 19 March 2019. Apple last updated the iMac on 5 June 2017 during WWDC, so the iMac range went about 21 months without an update. Apple updated the iMac range with new processors, including up to 8-core Intel processors and new Vega graphics.

Unlike its predecessor, the iMac 2019 was not released at an event. As a result, many people were unaware of its release.

The major improvements Apple has made for the iMac are it's upgraded silicon engines and 5k retina display (for 27 inch). Two new iMacs were announced, the 21.5 inch and the 27 inch. The best of these (27 inch) is packed with an Intel Core i9 CPU and an AMD Radeon Pro Vega 48 GPU, and of course, it comes with a huge price. Unfortunately, the 21.5 inch iMac doesn't have the same huge features.

The 21.5 inch iMac isn't really something to be excited about, as it basically has the same features of the 2017 iMac and a noticeably out of date CPU. One of the biggest let downs of the 21.5 inch iMac is the fact that it doesn't have a bumped up retina display. Instead the lowest version has a standard display for the price of $1,099. But you have the option of bumping up the display to a 4K retina display with a quad, or 6 core processor for $1,299 and $1,499 respectively.

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