Wix or WordPress: Which is better to create your website?

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Wix or WordPress? That's the question ... Many people are not clear about the differences between Wix and WordPress and therefore do not know which platform suits them best to create their website. In this article, we’d be making a comparison so you can see the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and you can make the best decision for your website.

What is Wix?

Wix is a private tool for creating websites, which offers its own free hosting (with Wix advertising) or payment. The main idea is that anyone can create their own website in a matter of hours, without having advanced knowledge about web design.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free software content manager, which also allows you to create web pages or blogs for free. WordPress does not offer hosting of any kind, you will have to hire it on your own.

Ease of installation

To create a website with Wix you don’t need to make any complicated installation. It's fast and simple, anyone can do it. Wix is easier to install and does not have any complex configuration.
Installing WordPress can be very easy as well as difficult, depending on your hosting provider. Installing WordPress manually is more complicated.


In the case of Wix, there’s no option to choose your preferred host. You don’t have access to your files and you aren't able to move your web to another host provider. This means that the day that Wix decides to stop providing services, none of the websites created with this tool will continue working nor will it be possible to migrate to another server.

In WordPress you choose your own hosting provider, have access to the files of your web and you will be able to transfer them to another provider whenever you want.
In WordPress you are really the owner of your website, while in Wix you depend entirely on ,what the company decides to do in the future with your service.

SEO Comparison

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With the free version of Wix, you won’t have much control, over your URLs and could end up with one that’s not SEARCH ENGINE friendly. This implies that you have to be careful with, title and also ensure that your first words reflect the page’s content.

WordPress is ideal in terms of SEO flexibility though you have to learn some little skills. Plugins also need to be added to improve the functions most SEOs require.  Many SEO consultants will recommend that you build your site using WordPress.

Easy to use

Wix is a very easy to use and very intuitive platform. Anyone can build a website that looks more or less decent in an afternoon.
WordPress has a slower learning curve. Although you can build your website without having any knowledge of programming, it is true that you have many options and that it takes a bit to be handled.
Wix is easier to use than WordPress because it is simpler and has many fewer options, anyone can create a website with Wix in one afternoon.


Wix offers several different templates that you can use to create your website. There are templates designed for different sectors and customizing them is easy and intuitive. The main drawback is that once you have chosen a template, you cannot change it again without losing all the content (images and texts) of your website. You do not have access to the source code of the page, so you cannot edit the CSS or HTML of the templates to customize them.

WordPress also offers many different templates ("themes"). There are also different "themes" according to the type of business you have. In WordPress there is much more variety of templates and you can change them as many times as you want. With WordPress you have access to the source code of the page and you can edit any aspect of a template to customize it using HTML5 or CSS.
In this aspect I would also win WordPress for offering greater variety and the possibility of changing the template easily.


In Wix you have the possibility to create a website, a blog or an online store.
In WordPress you can create a website, a blog, an online store, a reservation portal, a forum, an educational community, a course platform ... There are hundreds of extensions that you can add to your website to adapt it to your needs.

So ... Wix or WordPress?

If you ask me which tool I prefer, I will definitely tell you WordPress. Despite having a slower learning curve, it offers endless possibilities. The decisive factor for me is that in WordPress you own your website, you can move to another hosting provider or do a total redesign of your website without losing any of the content.


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