This Stunning Foldable iPhone Concept Could Outshine Samsung And Huawei

foldable-iphone-concept-iphone-concept-fold-iphone-foldable concept foldable iphone

Tech giants like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG and Lenovo revealing their plans for foldable phones and better still launching their foldable phones, we are left with one question; will there ever be a foldable iPhone?

Most likely, as Apple has filled out patents relating to foldable devices. But we are certain that Apple won't release it anytime soon. But since phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and the Huawei Mate X being released to the public, we begin to wonder what Apple's foldable phone could look like.

That is why people like Ran Avni and Antonio Del Rosa have made concepts for this phone.

The most beautiful thing about this concept is the design of the phone. Unlike the awkward Samsung Galaxy Fold, this iPhone's design is actually solid. The unfolded tablet features a Samsung like Infinity Display with a dual cutout camera at the top right corner. The screen makes for amazing multitasking, and could be useful for business owners.

Also the phone looks stunning when it is closed too.

foldable iphone concept foldable iphone folding iphone concept folding iphone

The rear features a Huawei Mate 30 pro style triple lens camera, which still looks better than the confirmed iPhone 11 design.

Unlike other phones though, this one has two screens; one which takes up all the space on the phone which is located at the front, and another which takes up half of the space located at the front.

The "half-screen" has a notch which is a bit odd. The notch houses 2 cameras too in case you're wondering.

But I have to point out how many cameras this beast has. The concept features a total of seven cameras on the front and back, which is just one more than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Is this the iPhone of our dreams? I think not. With great power and design, comes great price. And if an iPhone can cost more than $1399, what do you think this will cost? Probably a lot more than Huawei's $2600 foldable phone. Only time will tell.

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