About Us

We are Velicour!

Velicour is a tech and lifestyle blog which was created by Wilson Wilson in early 2019.

Since we started out, our primary goal has been to educate, and inform the masses about the latest developments in the tech industry whilst teaching developers how to boost their productivity. 

Why Did I Make Velicour?

To make money, duh!

Just kidding. I (Wilson Wilson) made Velicour as a result of a passion I've had for a really long time. I have always wanted to share my knowledge with people. Since I held my first computer, I've gained a huge affinity with everything tech related, including mobile apps, trends, programming, web development etcetera. As a result, I have chosen to contribute to people's knowledge globally.

What Does Velicour Mean?

Velicour is coined from the word vellichor, which means the eerie love for old bookstores. Some people would expect that I chose this word because of a symbolic meaning behind it, but that's not the reason why I chose the name Velicour. I just really liked it.

Best Regards
Wilson Wilson, Velicour

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